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Business Lawyer in Tennessee

Business Lawyer

All businesses, whether large conglomerates, mid-size corporations, or small family-owned enterprises can benefit from a business lawyer. While cost may deter some business owners from hiring a lawyer for their business needs, the reality is that obtaining an experienced business attorney will more than pay for itself by helping you prevent or address issues that can affect your bottom line and the future of your business. A Nashville attorney for business can help business owners with a range of topics from the business start-up stage to contract breaches or threats to your intellectual property.

When It Might Be Necessary to Hire a Business Attorney

Too often, the owner of a business will not think about hiring an attorney until a problem that threatens their business or finances arises. While business attorneys are a necessity when you face problematic business transactions or disputes, they can also be beneficial as part of your day-to-day business operations and help you prevent potential complications or create protection for you and your business before trouble even begins.

A business lawyer can help a Nashville business in areas such as:

  • The creation and formation of a business entity

  • Assistance with corporate governance and bylaws

  • Employment practices

  • Creation and enforcement of business contracts

  • The purchase or sale of a business

  • Business taxes

  • Dissolution of a business

  • Protection of intellectual property

  • Compliance with government licensing and regulations

What to Look for in a Nashville Business Lawyer

When you make the decision to hire a business lawyer in Nashville, you should consider various factors and discuss your needs with the attorney you schedule a consultation with. By setting out your expectations and challenges upfront, a lawyer can best help you decide how they can be of service to you and whether their knowledge and experience match the area you are seeking legal assistance for.

The following are areas you should discuss with a Nashville business lawyer before hiring one:

  • Their experience, knowledge, and background – A reputable attorney is transparent about their educational background and experience in the law. When seeking a business attorney, look for a lawyer that has knowledge of the area of the law you need representation in and understands the challenges your business is facing.

  • What you are looking for from a business attorney – During your initial consultation with a potential attorney, take the time to go over what you need from the attorney and the specific issues or difficulties you are seeking counsel for.

  • Their availability to their clients – Always discuss with a potential lawyer what their policy as to clients and their availability is. When a need or concern arises, what is the typical timeframe for a business client to hear back from the attorney or their staff.

  • Discuss fee arrangements – An important point of discussion with your business attorney is the matter of fees and what arrangement you are comfortable with or seeking. Will you be hiring a business attorney for a single transaction, a series of concerns, or are you looking to hire a business attorney on retainer for any issues that may arise in the course of your business. 

How the Business Attorneys at Richards and Colburn Law Can Help Your Business Succeed

At Richards and Colburn Law, we take pride in our professionalism and dedication to helping businesses operate, build and thrive.  We understand the needs and challenges that everyday business owners face and our firm is equipped and ready to handle their business needs. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our business attorneys to discuss how we can help you and your business in the Nashville area.


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