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Probate Lawyer in Tennessee

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, whether it is sudden or expected. Managing affairs after the death of a family member is a challenge, and knowing which effects may be subject to probate and which are not can often lead to confusion and frustration. A probate attorney in Tennessee can guide you through this complex process to make this process as smooth as possible by taking the guesswork out of the equation and working to follow the intent and wishes of your loved one after death.

Probate Law in Tennessee

The probate process is when the estate, family, or heir of a deceased seeks to prove the contents and validity of a will after the death of a loved one. This procedure involves evaluating the will and distributing the wealth and property of an individual according to their wishes. If and when a will is not available, probate is the process by which a court distributes the belongings of a person to their heirs in accordance with the law.

Probate Clients We Serve in Tennessee

There are many conflicts that can arise in the aftermath of death during the probate process. Various parties can have a claim or interest in the proceedings of an estate in probate. At Richards and Colburn we can represent you and protect your rights as a party of interest following the death of an individual.

Clients we can assist through the probate process include:

  • Heirs and beneficiaries

  • Personal Representatives

  • Guardians

  • Trustees

  • Executors

  • Creditors

  • Spouses

How an Estate Probate Attorney Can Help

Not all property and assets are subject to probate, but figuring out what property must go through probate, what does not, and who is entitled to the proceeds is challenging and can often end in a conflict between parties with competing interests. An estate probate lawyer will work to represent you and your loved one's rights in the probate process. A Tennessee probate attorney will work with you to discover all property that belongs to the estate, settle past debts and tax issues, and distribute the property of the estate to uphold the deceased party's desires. 

Is Every Case Subject to Probate in Tennessee?

Not every asset or property must go through probate following the death of an individual. It is possible for some of a person's property to pass directly to the next owner due to the nature of the asset or property and other assets to be subject to probate through a court. Whether a case must go through traditional probate depends on the type of property and the value of the property. In Tennessee, an estate can follow a simplified probate procedure for estates valued at under $50,000. It is always best to consult with a probate attorney to be certain you take the proper steps to protect your interests.

How Long Does Tennessee Probate Take?

The time it takes to resolve probate can vary depending on the value of an estate, the amount of property subject to probate, and the contentious nature of the parties involved. On average, a person can expect probate to take approximately six months, but the time can extend much longer if there are disputes and inconsistencies that must be decided by a court.

Tennessee Will and Probate Attorneys at Richards and Colburn Law

If you are facing the distribution of a loved one's estate, contact Richards and Colburn Law attorneys to schedule a consultation of your case. We can go over your case with you and discuss how we can help to protect you and your loved one's rights during the probate process.

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