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Legal Services in Tennessee

Our base of operations in Nashville.

Serving the Wilson County Courthouse

Serving the Franklin City Courthouse

Serving the Murfreesboro Courthouse.

Serving the Smyrna General Sessions Court.

Serving the Dekalb Courthouse in Smithville.

A lawyer reading notes and writing notes to make a great case.

If you were injured because of a third party's negligence, you should not be the one footing the health care bills or paying for the damage. You should be compensated for the illness, injury, other health complications that may follow, and the damages incurred. Contact Richards and Colburn Law, and we will walk you through how you can be compensated.

At Richards and Colburn Law, we are dedicated to addressing all our client's legal needs, whether the injury occurred at your workplace, a slip or fall, or a car accident.

Our top priority is to provide all our clients with competent legal representation and ensure justice is served. We are ensuring our community is better every day by helping people with their legal needs through our legal services.

Legal Services Available in Tennessee

When you need free legal services, there are many people you can reach out to, such as the Legal Aid Office or the Tennessee Legal Service Program. Still, others are helped by private legal assistance organizations like our team at Richards and Colburn Law. We are here to offer you the resources you need to understand your legal problem.

Legal assistance organizations are the best choice to receive help if you want to make a personal, affordable, and swift decision about what to do with your legal trial. Free legal aid does not handle some cases that people may have, and they do not deal with criminal and fee-generating cases, such as car accidents where you want the other driver to pay for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. Some cases are unique, and they need customized attention. Legal aid will not necessarily represent you in court, but they will direct you on the steps you will take and where to get the help and advice so you can handle the case yourself.


At Richard and Colburn Law, we focus on providing comprehensive legal representation at a competitive and fair price. We resolve to help you from the preliminary stages to the appeal hearing of the trial's decision.

Have any legal issues that require an experienced attorney? Contact Richards and Colburn Law

You may get advice and guidelines on handling your case from legal aid, but they may not have the courage, confidence, and expertise to fight and win in the courtroom. In this case, you should contact Richards and Colburn Law for their legal services.

Our service areas include Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Personal Injury, Domestic Violence, Construction Law, DUI lawyer, and Probate Lawyer.


We provide legal representation for our clients at a competitive and reasonable price. We are dedicated, open-minded and hardworking, enabling us to help our community and improve it.

Why do you need the help of Richards and Colburn Law for your legal issues?

Having a lawyer representing you is wiser than representing yourself in court. The court proceedings and the law are complex. Lawyers have legal training that will make the process smooth and easy.

If you hire a lawyer, they will help you understand your rights and the options you have to be successful. Sometimes, simple issues emerge through cases that have consequences that you may not understand.

Contact Richards and Colburn Law, who will walk you through your case. We are client-centered and dedicated to serving all our clients throughout Tennesseewith the most aggressive advocacy available.

You can send us an email, call us by telephone, visit our office or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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