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Legal Services in Murfreesboro, TN

View our lawyers, attorney's, and legal services in Murfreesboro

You've probably heard of legal services before, but what does it mean? Legal services include divorce lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and criminal defense attorneys.


There are two types of legal services: civil law (also known as common law) and criminal law. Civil law covers family law, contracts, property rights, employment law, consumer protection laws, and other areas where private parties interact. Criminal law deals with crimes committed against society at large, such as domestic violence, fraud, and theft.


We'll give you sound legal counsel and representation, whether you're dealing with family law issues, criminal charges, civil litigation, or commercial disputes. Look no further than the law firm of Richards & Colburn Law in Nashville, TN. Our team has 20 years of extensive experience in helping clients with their real estate transactions, divorce proceedings, and other matters. 


Richards & Colburn Law has provided quality legal services since 2002. The lawyers at our firm take pride in delivering exceptional service to each client. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest level of personal attention possible. As a result, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients.


Hiring Private Lawyers versus Court-Appointed Attorneys

At Richards and Colburn Law, we allow clients to choose whom they feel represents them based on their experience and expertise. When you are assigned a court-appointed attorney, you have no control over who is chosen to represent you. These court-appointed attorneys usually have multiple cases and clients thrown at them, making it challenging to stay updated on the case and communicate effectively with relevant information.


When you are assigned a court-appointed attorney, you have no control over who is chosen. If you need help immediately, you may be forced to use another attorney who may not have access to all the relevant documents and information regarding your case. At Richards and Colburn Law, we will keep the lawyer of your choosing on your case and keep you informed and updated on your case with an open line of communication.


Are you or your loved one struggling with a legal case? Contact Richards and Colburn Law for help

At Richards and Colburn Law, we are committed to assisting all our clients by representing them in court, no matter how complex their cases may seem. Our legal services include providing superior representation for our clients who reside in Tennesse.


Our main areas of specialization are criminal law, family law, personal injury, business law, domestic violence law, and construction law. If you are struggling with any legal issue, contact us for immediate help.


Why do you need the help of Richards and Colburn Law?

Hiring an experienced lawyer makes the difference between winning and losing a case. When you find yourself in a dispute with another person that may require legal intervention, you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of filing a lawsuit and dealing with the whole legal system. The process is not easy if you have never been in such a situation.


By hiring an experienced attorney who has dealt with litigation cases, you will be riding on several years of experience and training that you may not have. You will be more confident about winning the case and better understand the outcome. Richards and Colburn Law are experts in litigation cases. Call us by telephone, email us, visit us or fill out a contact form on our website and schedule a consultation.

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