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Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville, TN

If an individual is facing criminal troubles, it is imperative to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Waiving your right to an attorney is never a good idea, and there is a significant benefit to having representation in your criminal case.


A criminal defense lawyer can not only protect your rights under the law but will serve as the intermediary between the client and the prosecution. A criminal lawyer can help their clients throughout their criminal case, including their fight for reasonable bail, collecting vital evidence and witness testimony, negotiations of charges brought against them, negotiations for a plea deal, or a reduction in sentencing.


Situations When You May Need a Criminal Defense Attorney


A Nashville criminal defense lawyer can help clients in various criminal matters. Any criminal case that jeopardizes a client's freedom and future is serious and requires the help of a lawyer to defend a person's rights under the law.


Richards and Colburn Law can represent clients in through many issues, including:


  • Misdemeanors

  • Drug-related offenses

  • DUI

  • Violent crimes

  • Theft

  • Sex-related crimes

  • White-collar crimes


When Is the Best Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nashville?


Frequently, an individual may not begin to think about hiring a criminal defense lawyer until they are placed under arrest and charges are entered against them. While a defendant in a criminal matter can request representation from an attorney at any time, the earlier one does so, the better the outcome they may face.


If a person believes they are facing potential criminal charges, they must take immediate action. They should hire a Nashville private criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible so that they can offer advice and guidance as to the next steps in the case. 


An attorney can gather vital information regarding the charges an individual might be facing and the impending actions of prosecutors and law enforcement to help them prepare and build their defense.


Private Criminal Defense Attorneys versus Court-Appointed Lawyers


Many who face criminal charges weigh the option of hiring a private criminal attorney versus a court-appointed counsel in Nashville. Keep in mind that the court will only appoint attorneys for those parties that show they cannot afford one. However, money is not the only difference in representing a criminal case. First and foremost, a defendant has no control over who will represent them if a court appoints counsel. Furthermore, court-appointed attorneys are often overwhelmed with work and clients, making it challenging to communicate with them and stay updated on a criminal case.


A private criminal defense lawyer in Nashville is the best option if individuals find themselves in the middle of a criminal matter. Hiring a personal defense lawyer means the client can choose who they feel will represent them best based on their background and experience. Private criminal defense attorneys are generally more likely to be available and accessible to their clients than their court-appointed counterparts.


If You Are Facing Criminal Charges, Contact Richards and Colburn Law for an Initial Consultation


For a defendant to find the best criminal defense attorney for their case, they must first schedule a consultation where they can discuss the facts of their case, fee arrangements, and the case process. This is when a defendant can discuss the lawyer's experience in handling similar types of cases and decide whether or not to hire their services. Richards and Colburn can help you navigate your Nashville criminal charges. Call us today to protect your rights, interests, and freedom. 

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