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Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney in Lebanon, TN

When individuals make the difficult decision to initiate a divorce, they hope that the process will be as simple as possible for them and their family. Unfortunately, divorce proceedings can be a source of frustration and disagreement on various fronts. The uncertainty around divorce and its outcome can cause both parties significant stress. The best divorce attorneys will help a client navigate the challenges of divorce and keep their best interests in mind throughout the process.


A Divorce with Richards and Colburn Law on Your Side

Our team of attorneys and professional legal staff at Richards and Colburn Law is ready to assist clients facing a divorce. We understand the difficulties a divorce proceeding can present and are prepared to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome that considers their interests and rights under the law. Divorce is not something anyone plans for, but our lawyers know what it takes to fight for their client's rights, even in the most contentious scenarios.


The Matters of Divorce Proceedings That We Can Assist You With

No two divorce cases are alike. Each dissolution of marriage presents unique situations and circumstances that require resolution for the parties to move forward as seamlessly as possible. We have experience dealing with a wide range of divorce matters at our office, from relatively straightforward dissolution to complex custody disagreements, business dealings, and property issues.


At Richards and Colburn Law, we can handle a wide range of divorce issues, including:


  • Custody disputes – The future care and custody of the children of a marriage is a common source of anguish and difficulty in a dissolution. We will fight for our client's parental rights and try to find common ground for the best interest of their children.

  • Debts – Marital debts can cause financial trouble within marriage and additional burdens when the marriage is dissolved. An attorney on your behalf will fight to ensure that the responsibility of debts arising from the marriage is fairly apportioned in the divorce.  

  • Child support – The financial support necessary for a child's upbringing is significant. Based on income and other circumstances, a lawyer will work with you to calculate how many children support a parent with custody may be eligible for as part of the dissolution.

  • Alimony – Determining the amount of spousal support a client may have to pay for or be eligible to receive.

  • Property division – Whether it is the marital home or other property assets, an attorney will work to ensure that the property is equitably distributed and divided according to the law.

  • Paternity – If there are concerns or questions regarding paternity, a lawyer can help their client through this delicate process to uphold the rights of all involved and get the answers needed to proceed with the divorce.

  • Domestic violence – A client that is subject to emotional or physical abuse can seek assistance through their attorney as part of a divorce to ensure the safety and well-being of them and their children.

  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements – When a client seeks to dispute or enforce a marital agreement as part of a divorce, an attorney will work with them to fight for their rights.

  • All other divorce concerns – Any issue that is part of a divorce not included above is something that an attorney can help you incorporate or address as part of a dissolution of marriage. There are many topics and problems that can come up as part of a divorce that may not fall into any of these categories but can be part of the negotiations and resolution of the divorce.

To Protect Your Rights in a Divorce, Contact Richards and Colburn Law

Get the support from a qualified and experienced Tennessee divorce attorney to help guide you through your impending divorce and address what matters most to you. Do not try to go through this tedious and challenging process on your own. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Tennessee will give you the peace of mind that all your interests and rights will be protected.

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