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Family Law Attorney in Smyrna, TN



A divorce is a lawsuit like any other lawsuit. You are suing your spouse in essence for breach of the marital contract. There are only two ways of resolving a divorce: 1) by agreement; or2) by trial. Most cases resolve by agreement but there’s no requirement that either party agrees and you should always prepare for trial so that you can secure a fair and equitable settlement. There are, within that path of resolution, such a wide variety of variables that can affect your case that you really need an attorney who has the experience necessary to guide you through that process and advocate your positions. A divorce affects every aspect of your life and will likely dominate your reality until it’s conclusion. Make sure you pick the right advocate for you. We’d be honored to help you in that process


Child custody issues are addressed in a number of contexts. If you are getting divorced then it will be handled by Richards & Colburn Law within that process. If you were never married then child custody issues are typically handled in juvenile court. The custody factors are codified by statute and the court must undertake a fact finding analysis of those factors to determine what’s in the best interest of the child when setting custody and visitation. Child custody issues are always modifiable upon the showing of a material change in circumstances that affects the child. For a more in depth discussion on your particular situation please contact us for a confidential consultation

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Child support is relatively straightforward in Tennessee. The state has put forth a standard child support worksheet that is basically an excel spreadsheet. The court inputs the days with each parent, the monthly income, and a few other variables and the spreadsheet produces the child support amount. To ensure that the child support in your case is accurate, you must confirm the information put into the child support worksheet is complete, accurate, and thorough. If you have a question about child support, modifying child support, or termination of child support, please contact us for a confidential consultation.


Annulments are only available in a limited number of situations. Basically, you either have to prove fraud, be closely related, be a child, or be in a bigamous relationship. Annulments are rare and very fact-specific. If you want to discuss an annulment please contact us for a confidential consultation.



Prenuptial agreements are only effective if you have considerable assets prior to marriage. You must disclose the assets and knowingly waive claim to them in the documents. It also will lay out the pathway of what is to occur in the event of a divorce with each party’s separate property. If you think you need a prenuptial agreement then please contact us for a confidential consultation.


Adoption is one of the few areas of joy in the practice of law. The adoption process is codified by statute and requires certain steps to be followed before it can be affected. If you are in need of help with an adoption please contact Richards and Colburn Law for a confidential consultation.


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